What academic programs do you want to follow?

Are you interested in a bachelor, master's or a Ph.D. program? Find out about opportunities to study in the University of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics.

Prepare for a successful career


CSIE offers four bachelor programs, Economic Informatics (with teaching in Romanian language and also in English), Economic Cybernetics and Statistics. Each program, will prepare you for a successful career in IT or in Business Economics.

Research or professional master

Master programs

CSIE offers a wide range of graduate programs to continue your bachelor training. Choose one of the seven professional masters to specialize or one of the three research programs in Computer Science, Cybernetics or Statistics.

Advanced Research Opportunities

PhD Programs

Collaborating with teachers and researchers is an ideal environment to pursue an advanced research doctoral program in IT, Business Analysis, Economic Cybernetics and Statistics.

Information for Companies and Community

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  • Organizing internships
  • Participation at course as guest lecture
  • Conducting collaborative research projects
  • Support student events
  • Achieving long-term partnerships
  • Organizing training programs for employees
  • Involvement in volunteer projects