NIBS International Business Simulation Competition 2022

This fall, the competition is organized for the second time by EcoSim, the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) and in partnership with the Budapest Business School.

During the International Business Simulation Competition, TechCo simulation will play the main role, which is available in Hungarian as well as in English. The simulation models the operation of a company that develops and sells game software. The aim of the competition is to achieve the highest company value, which consists of four sub-indices.

The registration fee for teams of 2-4 people is 100 EUR (for students of NIBS member schools 80 EUR). Universities and Academic Societies usually nominate the teams, but there have also been examples of nominations by individuals or with the support of a sponsoring company.
Application deadline: October 17, 2022.

14% of the registration revenue will be allocated to the prizes and another 6% to the charity chosen by the top 3 teams will donate for NGO* organization. In addition, each finalist team’s university will win a 20% EcoSim Edu simulation coupon.