Opportunity for students – JunctionX Budapest hackathon

CraftHub is a hub making knowledge available and helping tech crafters to continuously improve their skills.

This year JunctionX, the biggest international hackathon is back in Budapest in a hybrid format meaning that we are happy to have competitors from all over the world!

JunctionX Budapest is a 48 hours long hackathon with several challenges defined by our partners like EPAM, Vodafone, Wise or Varian! 


The registration period is open until the 20th of October to those who want to compete online, but if there is anyone who would like to visit Budapest and have an in-person hackathon experience they can also register for offline participation until the 20th September.


Teams who win a challenge can take home 1500-2000 €, but there is a chance to win up to 4000 € too! 


For more information check the website: https://budapest.hackjunction.com/