Oportunitati de job in domeniul Big Data la societatea franceza Aquila Data Enabler

Dear students and Alumni of our faculty,

Aquila Data Enabler company (www.aquiladata.fr ) is an IT company specialized in Data : Big data / Data science (Machine and Deep learning projects). We are  located in Paris, France and we are looking for Data engineers / Big data developers, for long-terms contracts in Paris.

In resume, Data engineers will help our Data scientist during their Machine & Deep learning projects with their IT and Big data knowledges, and they will industrialize data projects. They will use IT and Big data tools like Python, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, or Devops tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Github, etc.

We are looking for candidates who can write and talk in French. That is why you will find here our job’s description in French.

The  students or Alumni students who are interested are encouraged to  send their CV to  Clélia MEUNIER,  Human resources manager,

Email adress: cmeunier@aquiladata.fr